How to Avoid Foreclosure When Short on Time

No one has the intention of signing a mortgage then plan on how to part with it. Let us face it, though, life happens; we can never be too sure of whatever lies ahead. Even the borrower with the best intention in mind, can one day be faced with every homeowner’s nightmare: a foreclosure.

Sometimes, many unanticipated events happen that may overwhelm you, like massive amounts put on medical bills or termination of work that make you fall behind on mortgage payments. Who would want to understand such reasons?

To be able to call it your home, you need to pay the mortgage to your bank or lender because, technically, it’s not your home yet; it’s yours and the bank. Definitely what you need to learn right now are the various ways you could avoid foreclosure in Houston or wherever you are. If you miss out on making mortgage payments, here are options you could choose from to avoid foreclosure.

Negotiate a Repayment Plan 
You could always create a repayment plan with your lender to work on how to catch-up on the missed payments and keep them current. To make this approach easier, negotiable and possible, you need to have an income that will be able to pay the makeup and current payments without any inconvenience. These will ease your payment while at the same time help you get back on track to avoid foreclosure in Houston.

Take a Break from Payment; the Forbearance Agreement
With this agreement, your lender will accept to suspend your payments or for a certain period provided you agree to make the full payment, inclusive of an extra amount to compensate the missed payments, come to the end of this period.

Mortgage Modification: Make Lower Payments
The bank may modify your loan to reduce payments by lowering your loan’s interest rate, make an extension period from say 20 years to 30 years.  This has the impact of reducing your monthly pay or even re-amortize your loan; adding your missed payments to the balance then giving out a new loan with a new interest rate and new period.

Other Available Options
Aside from these, a variety of options exist like selling your home at a lower price, filing for bankruptcy (though not an appealing option) or selling it back to the bank. Imagine all the legal fees you will avoid when you avoid foreclosure in Houston. All in all, if you need additional guidance on how to stop the foreclosure process, contact for assistance.


Business World : Are They Really the Richest Men?


From what I hear, Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man. Warren Buffet is now the world’s richest man. Yes, these two certainly have a tremendous amount of wealth. But now let me go ahead and interpret what you heard through the mainstream media: Although very wealthy, neither of these two were ever the world’s richest men. Not only that, but if these two were to combine their wealth and give it all to one person, that one person still would not and never will be the richest man in the world.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 24:  Bill Gates, chairman and founder of Microsoft Corp., listens during the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting on September 24, 2013 in New York City. Timed to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, CGI brings together heads of state, CEOs, philanthropists and others to help find solutions to the world's major problems.  (Photo by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images)

The truth of the matter is that the mainstream media will never let you know who truly is the richest person, or family, in the world. It’s because the people that control the majority of the corporations and banking cartels, are the same people that control the mainstream media. People that you hear about in America that have websites that sell for billions or have become billionaires through some corporation that they supposedly started on their own, actually had connections. Those connections were financiers with enormous wealth that pumped the venture capital into creating their fortunes. These people become instant “billionaires” in terms of the dollar. The financiers behind these people have wealth that was not created overnight. Their wealth goes back centuries into central Europe. And I won’t get into how their wealth was originally created.

So if you want to put it into “dollar” terms, then these international financiers behind people like Gates are worth trillions. Not billions, but trillions. But you will not and never will see their names printed in the media as being the “richest” people in the world. And on a side note, pay careful attention to the wording. Gates and Buffet have held the titles as “richest men”, but what does that actually mean? Is it an award saying they control the most wealth in the world, or is it just a title with a generic name? “Richest” could really mean anything. And when these people say that they are “giving” most of their wealth away, well of course, in a way, they really aren’t. You see, they have to give back to the actual people that made them rich to begin with. If they really wanted to “give their money away”, then they’d simply go out onto the street and hand out stacks of cash until it amounted to billions of dollars. Instead, they give it to a “foundation” to fight “poverty”.


We’ve been “fighting poverty” for centuries, when is it ever going to end? It’s like saying, “we’re looking for a cure for cancer, so keep pumping money into our foundations”. Notice how there hasn’t been much advancement in that realm in decades? That’s because the cure has already been found and has been shelved. The worse thing that can happen to any cancer foundation is a cure for cancer. The people running those entities wouldn’t make the large fortunes anymore if there was actually a cure. So when someone that became rich says they are giving their money away, they are just recycling their wealth back to the people that made them wealthy to begin with to ensure that themselves, their family, and their future descendants are always taken care of.



Extra FDI Predicted by Malaysia in 2016

For the period completed 2015, Malaysia attracted record economical dedication techniques including up to RM139.5 billion money dollars (S$55.7billion) which is a 24.8% improve from the period before.At the yearly performance evaluation of the Malaysian Investment Growth Power on 27th Feb 2015, Reverend for Worldwide Business and Market Mr. Mustapa Mohamed said that household financial commitment strategies would continue to generate the economic system forward and at the same time, support some effect from gradual exterior need.


Back this season, the sum of economical dedication techniques, both family and worldwide, exceeded the nationwide concentrate on by almost 10% and developed some 79,807 projects, of which 62% were experienced workers and professionals showing monthly earnings of RM3000 and above. Although globally immediate cost-effective dedication (FDI) numbers reduced to RM29 billion cash money cash this period from RM36 billion cash money cash an interval before, FDI is predicted to choose up this interval. As the development market, especially in the electrical powered and devices area, is suffering from a unique drop in getting labor-intensive features, Malaysia would be economical on its analysis and growth (R&D) market instead. Apart from the R&D industry, a huge part of the financial commitment strategies would be combined in property, aerospace, solar panel technology and medical services.Last period, Singapore was among a talk about of large worldwide investors that invested in Malaysia, such as Japan and Saudi Persia.

Experts said that there is still space to produce worldwide economical dedication in the country. According to Dr Really Kim Leng, Main Economist of RAM Holdings, he said that Malaysia is doing reasonably well on the whole, so long as the level of FDI is around RM30 billion cash money cash. Furthermore, he involved that the quality of FDI being presented into Malaysia is important. This is in line with the latest announcement of CapitaLand going into a S$3.2 billion cash money cash venture in Danga Bay with Temasek Holdings and Iskandar seaside. With huge regularly of resources going into Malaysia in addition to enhancing the Malaysia-Singapore high-speed train link, more and more residents are motivated to head there to source for residence offers.


However, do you really have an idea on what the Malaysian property companies are like? What are the real threats and income engaged in making an investment in Malaysian properties?Come pay attention to Mr. Khalil Adis, an experienced residence expert in both Singapore and Malaysia’s business his concepts in a free meeting gladly organized by Ascendant Resources Pte Ltd.


Most of the Single People are not Likely to be Satisfied by 2 Room Dwellings

The Straight Times had reported that in spite of the fact that single people are at this time permitted to purchase two-room flats direct from the Housing and Development Board, it is not likely that the forthcoming launch of any such housing projects in July might be overbooked.

Business concept - Planning for future events.

The PropNex Realty CEO, Mohamad Ismail had said that the income ceiling of 5000 Singapore dollars for solitary purchasers to qualify to buy two room flats makes them entitled for a mortgage loan of 350,000 Singapore dollars, also. He went on to add that with a voluminous loan as that; single buyers might be capable of affording a resale flat of three rooms in the majority of the region. Similar sentiments have been voiced by many singles, he observed. A 37 year old man Desmond Goh who is in customer service said that as his parents also want to stay with him at the time when they become older, a two-room flat would not suit his needs. He added that he would rather search for a unit consisting of three rooms.

One other reason which is dispiriting the sale of flats to singles is their location.Stacey Cheo who is 34 year old and works in a non-profit establishment said that families should prefer to live in housing estates similar to Pasir Ris which has a beach as well as a park for children to play. It is true that singles are the people who would want to get to the city more frequently, she added.Nicholas Mak who is the Research Head of SLP International has predicted that launch in the month of July shall also incorporate abundant provision of two room flats meant for singles. He added that it might however, very well be mixed along with units of some other types.

Mak also added that there are two sets of buyers of the 2 room flats, the singles, as well as the families with low income. When these flats reach the resale market, they might create a type of ghetto in case they are purchased by low income families in a similar block.


Since two room dwellings are less popular than three room dwellings, the price on this type of property often decreases, especially rental price in central areas. That is why if you are planning to invest money in real estate and want it to be profitable, you should consider at least 3 rooms. We hope this article will help you with your investment plan. Good luck!